Animation, VFX and entreprenureship

Learnhub · April 24, 2024

Pan African Animation Studios 01 – Introduction to Digital Animation teaches students the fundamental principles of working in 2D digital software and transition into 3D Animation with an emphasis on animation, story, sound, timing and execution. Students will learn how to transition from traditional hand-drawn animation techniques and creative processes into the digital realm. Production-flow, scheduling and pipeline will be integral to the understanding of how these principles work together in a creative project


Students must expect to spend up to six hours lab time executing and learning the digital animation concepts outside of class. Failure to meet deadlines each week will constitute a reduction in the digital production execution grade.


The Animators survival kit – 2D Digital Animation: by Richard Williams

Animation manual of methods, principles, and formulas for classical, computer, games, stop motion and internet Animators.

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